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Towing Services

Wilkerson's Towing: (217) 787-2296 | Springfield Auto Body: (217) 544-9889

Towing Services Springfield, IL

Did you break down? Allow us to introduce you to our friends at Wilkerson's Towing and Springfield Auto Body. We work with both to provide fast and professional towing to our auto repair/car repair shop in Springfield, Illinois.

Areas Served: Springfield, IL, Chatham, IL, Rochester, IL, and surrounding areas.

Save Time with Local Towing 

Towing Services Chatham, IL

With two convenient towing options available, you have the best opportunity to receive fast service. Call either right now to have a tow truck on the way to your location. Your vehicle will be brought back to Brahler Tire & Auto Center, where our professionals will diagnose the problem and talk with you about the necessary repairs.

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At Brahler Tire & Auto Center, we know who to turn to for towing. Take our recommendation, and you won't go wrong. Fast and affordable towing for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles is only a phone call away.

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