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Brahler Tire & Lube Service Centers have teamed up with Valvoline, the most experienced name in motor oil, to provide you with the best lube and oil services. Our five lube centers in Springfield, IL are official Valvoline Express Oil & Lube Centers. Learn more about what this means for you, then visit your nearest location the next time you need an oil change or maintenance service.

We proudly serve families across Springfield, IL, Chatham, IL, Rochester, IL, and surrounding areas.

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What is a Valvoline Express Care Center?

Valvoline Express Care in Springfield, IL

As part of the Valvoline Express Care network, we're able to offer you:

  • Premium Valvoline oil and Valvoline maintenance products like lubricants, chemicals, filters, antifreeze, and appearance enhancement products.
  • Oil, lube, and maintenance services performed by our trained team with guidance from a Valvoline Express Care adviser with at least 14 years of experience in the quick lube industry.
  • Service performed by an educated staff with access to continued online training that allows us to stay on top of best practices and create the best experience for you.
  • Exclusive deals on Valvoline products and services.

Valvoline has been a trusted name for over 140 years. Each of our Springfield quick lube shops have a professional team and quality products to service your vehicle right the first time whenever you're ready for maintenance.

Valvoline Oil and Products

Valvoline Express Care in Chatham, IL

We have access to a complete line of Valvoline oil and products to keep your engine running strong. In addition, many drivers who use Valvoline oil are eligible for the Valvoline Engine Guarantee, which protects engines up to 300,0000 miles, depending on which products you use.

If you have questions about our Express Care Centers, reach out to us. You can ask us in person, talk with us over the phone, or contact us online.

About the Engine Guarantee

Oils sold under the Valvoline name are top-quality, and the company stands behind its products. The goal of this guarantee is to support as many Valvoline oil users as possible. There are very few limitations, and many drivers will find themselves eligible for the 300,000 mile Valvoline Engine Guarantee. To see if you're eligible, read more about the Valvoline Engine Guarantee Terms.

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